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How did I get into drawing?

As a kid, I really loved doing just 2 things that were rather unusual – nice interiors and coloring and drawing. My parents always bought the newest issues of AD and other magazines meant for their inspiration and the new house to be built at that time.

I ended up reading them first and sometimes hiding them to look at and read them intensively.
Then there was this game called “The Sims” but I was more interested in designing the house than nourishing the action figures (which is why many of them starved unfortunately). I used a “wonder code” which gave me an unlimited budget to design the house and fit it out. Only later did I learn that what I was using was called a floor plan and architectural plans.

I finished my first degree in journalism and continued to draw to finally follow my childhood dreams and fundamentally change my life. This meant studying interior design and moving to Germany. All that was left to do was to learn the language starting at zero and to enroll at a university.
Shortly before enrolling I participated in two social projects, one near Stuttgart in garden design and a creative one in Leipzig with my first small exhibition of water color works.

I draw simply because for me this is the best way to express myself and to show my view on the world.

I studied art at school for 4 years, then prepared myself for interior design studies in Germany and graduated with my second degree, the first one had been in journalism at Minsk university.

The first degree tought me valuable skills of presentation, communication and interaction which are invaluable for my business today and the second one allows me to live my dream.

I founded “AND SHE DRWAS BIG” during my studies and now I draw and design interiors in my specific technique and style and continue with photography as well.

I strongly believe that anything is possible and any dream can be realized – you just have to believe in it and you also have to get into action, making a small step into that direction every day.