What really matters and what does not

My favorite motivational quotes this week are from Mark Manson and Dale Carnegie, two of the books that changed my life forever. The first one writes that we should trust that we can fall backwards and still be okay. The sense of the second quote is that our fatigue is often not caused by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment.

After these words I thought “Oh damn, itʼs exactly how I feel myself!” And I started to analyze my working week thoroughly, its difficulties and my attitude to it. Surprisingly, when I changed my perception of “reality” and accepted this day, just the way it was – without reflections, emotions, complaints and dissatisfactions – I felt really … alive.

This outlook reduced the energy for reflections and changing my mind about the same event or problem five times per day and sent my new power to realize and achieve the goals set.

Somehow I had much more time,  my day became more structured and brighter. I started to appreciate simple happiness shared with my loved one more. I became happier, was at ease and more focused. Trivial issues stopped bothering me, instead I developed a skill of assignment of cases and events in order of importance. So finding something important and meaningful in our life is perhaps the most productive use of our time and energy – yes, Mark, youʼre totally right by saying that.

If I fall – I get back on my feet, dust my clothes off, make conclusions, remember primary tasks and go to carry them out.
Guys, you donʼt have to make up anything. All we need for the real life is here, right in front of us. Every goal and every level can be reached, it is never too late for anything. Just start today. You wonʼt be sorry!