Do what you love, stay obsessively focused on it and work a lot

Today 2 years ago I packed my stuff and moved to Germany – this time for an extended period of time. Right now, of course, to finish a university in Europe and to get a second German education doesn’t seem unattainable or impossible. But it wasn’t always like this.

Back then I had one and only one goal – to learn the language and to achieve a native speaker-level and to enter a German university against all odds. And strangely enough my parents supported me that day 4 years ago, when I with shining eyes told them about an unlikely possibility to study abroad provided I would learn a new language. Their only condition was to finish my university first and to obtain a bachelor degree. So this is what I did.

And a couple of years later – I became a student. Interior design in Germany – exactly what I had dreamed of. I started to study with a high level of German (self-education + the language school UNS in Hamburg), and it greatly facilitates my new student life. From the beginning I wanted to integrate into the local community, to communicate and just to be at the same page with Germans. And not to lose time with re-training it by the way.

To get there, I was sitting with German workbooks day and night, German radiostations were on round the clock, I gave up the majority of my social life just to stay at home and to learn and read a little more. It was the daily reality of girl who was madly in love with a country and her dream. And you know what? I was extremely happy.

The most interesting thing was that the idea of failure and “what if it will not work out” didn’t spring to my mind (I didn’t think about it). I  just continued learning. That was all.

This was the case even when I failed an international language exam for the first time. When I received my bad grades, my father was sitting next to me and literally pulled me (I was so despaired and broken) into a second try with the words “this time it will work out”. And it did.

My conclusion from this story is as old as time – do what you love, stay obsessively focused on it and work a lot. And stay flexible – for saving your energy and power. Verified. And there is no easy way out.