about ASDB
About ASDB

In my creative studio I tend to think and draw BIG – there are no limits for my ideas and their expression via my tools such as pencils, pens, brushes or photo-lenses and on paper, carton, aluminum displays or even a whole wall.

I love to do illustrations for magazines, products, and print design for fashion and textiles just as much as designing premium brochures. But I also love to draw architecture and multi-dimensional views of buildings and to design furniture and accessories.

This means pens & pencils as well as my camera and the iPad are my everyday companions.
To see and stage people and objects in completely new perspectives never ceases to amaze me and others. The mental process behind this work is often so fast and spontaneous that I am fully alive in this one moment of time, forgetting all about the world around me. These are my most creative moments.
I always work on a project until – at least to me- it is absolutely perfect because I believe life is too short to deliver mediocre results.

About me

I was born in a small town in Belorussia along the river Düna, attended the arts school and finished my first bachelor’s degree at the state university in Minsk, majoring in journalism.

Beauty in all its forms and variations – literature, paintings, photography, design, architecture and nature – were and are my greatest passion and have fascinated me throughout my life.

My ambition was to meet new people, cultures, societies and to expand my horizon beyond Belarus so my way led me to different countries and finally to the university college of interior design in Wiesbaden, Germany.

You may want to label my experience as “east meets west”, the important word being “meets” i.e. the connection between the two cultures leading to new creativity.

True beauty is also always diversity – in expressions, design, sharing with others and beauty always stems from our inner self. First there is an idea within us, an inspiration or a vision, then comes the form as a painting, a photo, a text or even a sculpture. This process in exchange with others never ends and always remains fascinating and is the core of what I love about my work.