Hi, I'm Anna —

an experienced interior and real estate illustrator having completed exceptional high-end projects in Germany, Austria, the U.S. and Canada.


All my life, interior design, drawing and photography were my top interests and all of these are now combined in my 3D interior drawings. 

My studies in Art school and livelong drawing have allowed me to develop a feeling for the best color compositions, the aesthetics of an image, the atmosphere and the proper use of shadow and light impacts.

Studying interior architecture in Germany gave me the ability to understand the technicalities of building construction and to read architectural floor plans.

When I am searching for the perfect perspective, I virtually walk around the space with my digital camera until I have found the best one to illustrate your room and make the most of it.

All of these experiences now perfectly work together in my passion for drawing and designing interiors at “AND SHE DRAWS BIG”, which I founded during my studies in Germany.

In early 2021 I created AND SHE DRAWS BIG Academy because I love to work with people, sharing my passion and my knowledge.

My Life in photos

Inside my creative life—

Travelling — 

a massive source of inspiration

A New York project — 

An impression from my daily work — 

From virtual to real